25 Nov 2015

Family Planning Myths and Misconceptions addressed through Outreach activities.

USAID’s Rwanda Social Marketing  Program, implemented by the Society for Family Health (SFH) Rwanda, encourages Rwandans to choose healthier lives by undertaking to use family planning methods.

Chantal testifying


“After watching a behavior change film presented by SFH Rwanda during one of the outreach programs in our community,my husband suggested that we should consider family planning if we wanted healthier lives” 

Chantal testifying.


Chantal Mukamasabo is a 31-year old mother of 2 children living in the Southern province of Rwanda. Chantal and her husband are farmers, which is their major source of income but does not cover their family’s basic needs.
“With the little earnings from the yields, it’s been very difficult to take care of the family, especially when it comes to paying our health insurance. The bills are always very high, yet we have little to earn and live on for other basic needs,” Chantal explained.
Despite the financial challenges they faced as a family, Chantal and her husband never considered family planning as an option for them. “I never thought of taking up any family planning method because I thought it was unreligious and not safe for my health. That’s why I gave birth to two children within a period of two years. But after participating in the USAID’s Rwanda Social Marketing programs-outreach activities, all these falsely held beliefs were addressed,” Chantal said.
Chantal says that unlike other married women who have difficulty convincing their husbands to use contraception, she counts herself a happy wife because it was her husband who suggested the use of family planning as a way to improve their future and wellbeing. USAID’s implementing partner, Society for Family Health Rwanda (SFH Rwanda) provided the couple with family planning products and counseling.
“I wish to thank USAID for the outreach activities that have changed our lives,” said Chantal. ”It’s been two years now ever since we decided to use family planning and, to be honest, our lives have changed simply because we have the wisdom and knowledge of how to plan for our family.”