SFH Rwanda- strengthening Public Private Partnership

Society for Family Health (SFH) Rwanda and Access Bank Ltd launched their partnership in Gikomero Sector, Gasabo District estimated to cost $ 100,000 for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Programs. The partnership is motivated by the need to strengthen Public Private Partnerships in increasing the health impact among Rwandans for healthier lives.

The WASH program will be implemented across Gikomero sector with greater focus on GS. Gikomero for the next three years; and SFH Rwanda will continue to engage other private partners to co-implement and co-undertake specific programs in line with the needs of society with special focus on health related programs.

This WASH program will be implemented by undertaking a number of activities including refurbishing the school, building water tanks, improving the pit latrines used by students, retooling the school with a computer lab (including desk tops) as well as conducting behavior change activities around the school and the community in general. This is because better water and sanitation standards have multifaceted positive externalities, such as healthy and productive labor force, less vulnerable to diseases and minimized medication costs,












Executive Director, Manasseh G. Wandera speaking to Journalists after the launch, at GS. Gikomero, Gikomero Sector-Gasabo District.

Based on the district data, the households that have access to clean water represent 82 % of the 94,427 households. However, with access to improved sanitation- it is indicated that 74.3 % household have improved sanitation and majority households use pit latrine with solid slab at (67.2 %) and pit latrine without slab (23.6 %), while only 7.1% of households use flush toilets. The above indicators are evident that the district still has room to improve to reach the 7YGP and Vision 2020 targets of 100% of population having access to improved sanitation and access to clean water.

Students at GS Gikomero for the first time test their computer skills






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