29 Feb 2016

When abstinence and fidelity fail

When abstinence and fidelity fail, condoms are a better option for HIV & STIs prevention.

Most people think that talking about condoms is a bad ideology, immoral and not religious but the fact is; HIV and some others infections transmitted or contracted through sexual activities are not immunisable like other diseases unless you abstain, Cyrus cautions the local residents of base sector in Rulindo district during a special event to promote Plaisir condoms.

Cyrus Ntaganira

SFH-Cyrus Ntaganira, displaying the Plaisir condoms as he offloads them from the Van

In special event conducted on 23-02-2016 to promote the correct and consistent condom use, residents of base sector in Rulindo were encouraged to always not shy buying condoms or else using them for their safety. It’s for your own benefits, it’s our responsibility to educate you, and it’s for the country’s good to have a healthier population that is rich in performance and production but a big portion goes back to you. It’s therefore your responsibility first to protect life and thereafter protect the lives of others, Cyrus emphasized.

Peer educators demonstrate the proper condom use- as base sector residents look on.


Before this special outreach session on Plaisir condoms, residents always felt shy and non-religious to buy condoms. In fact, according to these residents, condoms were traditionally and culturally considered a taboo and a sign of immorality but they are happy that such community outreach activities are coming to their rescue though many of them say have lost a good number of relatives due to this epidemic.









A youth artist performs at the event as he passes on HIV prevention messages to the residents.