04 Aug 2016

Umuganura “Harvest Day” a good channel for scaling up nutrition

In Rwandan tradition, Umuganura “Harvest day” was one of the most important ceremonies performed by Rwandans at the beginning of every harvest season. This event came second to the most highly important ceremony in the Rwanda, which was the enthronization of the new King.
The celebration of Umuganura has since been a big event in Rwanda- it is usually a period of recognizing the achievements in terms of harvest both at country and family levels.
This has in meaning broadened from formally being agro-based harvest to include achievements from other sectors that have contributed to the development of the country such as:  health, education, & culture etc.  It is upon this background that on 1st August 2016, Society for Family Health (SFH) Rwanda in collaboration with the Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing (RYVCP) and Rulindo districts organized and conducted a nutrition advocacy campaign to scale up nutrition with focus on Ikirenge sector.

Residents of Ikirenge sector in Rulindo district being ushered into the “Umuganura Harvest Day” with a nutrition advocacy campaign messages.

The Umuganura day will this year be celebrated on Friday the 5th of August 2016.
The event brought together different people of all walks (young and old). It attracted not only attracted young and old but also policy makers at district level, guardians, parents, and community members as previously targeted by the organizers. More than 2000 people attended and heard the message and there is greater likelihood that they will spread the information about nutrition, preventing stunting, hygiene and sanitation and measures to prevent unplanned pregnancies among youth to their community members as well; and was accompanied by Sur Eau and P&G demonstration
Aline Zirakamwa, the Society for Family Health (SFH) Rwanda representative appealed to the audience with focus on care givers of children under 5 to feed their children with balanced diets using the vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and other food stuffs available in Rulido district for their proper growth.  “Balance diets are good for your health and good for your children’s proper growth as well”. Aline noted.

umuganira 2
The Mayor of Rulindo, Mr. KAYIRANGA Emmanuel  and Aline dressed in traditional yellow attire serve milk to children.